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About the Food Nombie


Definition of nom nom in English

nom nom

Syllabification: (nom nom)
Pronunciation: /ˈnäm ˌnäm/
informal, chiefly North American


(also om nom nom)

used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating, delicious food: chili and cornbread for dinner, nom nom!


(nom noms)

delicious food: there were all kinds of nom noms—onion rings, hot dogs, burgers, and fries

-From the Oxford English Dictionary

Nom. Nom. Nom. The Food Nombie loves to eat. The Food Nombie also loves to travel (mainly so to that she can eat new and exciting things in new and exciting places). The Food Nombie is Christine Agoni, a child of the 90’s living in San Francisco’s Richmond District right between that one dim sum place you love and the other five dim sum places you also love. Christine was born in California, but spent five years of her childhood in Texas with her parents, sister, grandparents, and 9 (nine!!) aunts and uncles. Christine was raised by both her Vietnomese (see what what I did there?) parents, but there was a twist: while her mom grew up in Vietnom (ok fine, I’ll stop), her dad was raised in France. This eclectic mix of Vietnamese, French, Texan, and Californian cuisine—combined with her family’s love for cooking, entertaining , and all things food & drink—meant that the Food Nombie grew up with a huge appreciation for the culinary arts.This blog is a place for Christine to share recipes, stories, ratings, and rants about the food she makes, the restaurants she dines at, and the places she visits. Feel free to comment on posts, or if you want to contact Christine directly, send her an email at nombie@foodnombie.com.If you really can’t get enough of the Nombie, check her out on social networks:



NOTE: The Food Nombie isn’t one of those people who writes about herself in the third person. This short bio was written by Kevin, her boyfriend. Kevin is one of those people who writes about himself in the third person, and he isn’t ashamed to admit it. He also built this website.

The Food Nombie